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Last Revised: August 3, 2009

About the This Week In Baseball League

The This Week In Baseball League (TWIB) is an online OOTP 6.5 Historical League founded by Chris Steele that began its simulation in the 1884 season and will journey through the decades setting new records and allowing players who may have been hindered by injuries to flourish.  All league questions/comments should be directed towards the commissioner.
It is mandatory to have a copy of OOTP 6.5 or 6.12 for this league in order to facilitate roster moves, free agent signings, and other team matters. It is our mission to bring you a great league and a great website. Once again, thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy this league!

Game Play:

OOTP League Settings:


Commissioner: Responsible for simulating games, maintaining and updating website, rosters and transactions, and keeping each owner informed of general league business. The Commissioner, along with the help of the Assistant Commissioner and/or League Presidents, will keep all the teams human owned at all times if possible.

League Presidents:  Each president will serve a 2-season term.  New president will be appointed at season flip.  AL will get appointed at the end of an even numbered year, NL will get appointed at the end of an odd numbered year.  Presidents can serve as many terms as desired.  In the event more than one owner is interested in being president, a league vote will be held.  The league vote will consist ONLY of owners from the league in question (ie NL president gets voted on by NL teams only).

Responsibilities of the league president are pretty minimal.  League presidents are responsible for assisting in keeping the league filled.  League presidents are also available to assist with any disputes among owners, as well as aide in decision making of things that can impact the league, such as changes in league rules or how to handle a CPU owned team during the offseason.  The most important role of the league president, is running the amateur draft.  Each league president will be responsible for keeping an eye on the draft and keeping it moving.

Draft Moderator: At this time, this position will not be filled.  Appointed by the Commissioner using personal discretion from volunteers. Responsible for assisting other league officials in keeping the amateur draft moving. Able to auto-pick for a team that is to be auto-picked for per league rules or owner instruction.



General Roster Info:

Refusing Assignment:

Releasing Players:

In-Season Free Agency:

Disabled List:

Designated for Assignment:





League Expansion






Teams will relocate as they did in Major League Baseball history.

New stadiums will occur as they did in Major League Baseball history as well.

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