Milestone Watch
Tuesday, 7/4/1914
Batting Milestones
Milestone HitsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
E. Heidrick37SLN3000 Hits2875 Hits125 Hits
D. Green37WAS2500 Hits2408 Hits92 Hits
T. Leach36CIN2000 Hits1923 Hits77 Hits
J. Sheckard35BSN2000 Hits1879 Hits121 Hits
Milestone HomerunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
Milestone RunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
E. Flick38CHA1500 Runs1410 Runs90 Runs
G. Beaumont37CHA1000 Runs977 Runs23 Runs
J. Sheckard35BSN1000 Runs968 Runs32 Runs
Milestone RBIAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
R. Bresnahan35NYA1000 RBI930 RBI70 RBI
S. Magee29CHA500 RBI497 RBI3 RBI
E. Collins27SLA500 RBI476 RBI24 RBI
F. Baker28CIN500 RBI462 RBI38 RBI
C. Hickman38 500 RBI457 RBI43 RBI
H. Lumley33PHA500 RBI442 RBI58 RBI
B. Hall35 500 RBI433 RBI67 RBI
J. Lloyd30PIT500 RBI432 RBI68 RBI
M. Mccormick33NYG500 RBI425 RBI75 RBI
W. Pettus29PHA500 RBI405 RBI95 RBI
Milestone Bases-on-BallsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
G. Cravath33PIT500 BB489 BB11 BB
D. Nance37 500 BB465 BB35 BB
O. Krueger37NYG500 BB455 BB45 BB
H. Wagner33NYG500 BB419 BB81 BB
E. Heidrick37SLN500 BB408 BB92 BB
Milestone Stolen BasesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
E. Flick38CHA900 SB855 SB45 SB
G. Beaumont37CHA800 SB770 SB30 SB
E. Heidrick37SLN800 SB769 SB31 SB
B. Maloney36CLE500 SB492 SB8 SB
H. Lumley33PHA500 SB480 SB20 SB
H. Smoot36SLA500 SB467 SB33 SB
J. Bates31BOS500 SB459 SB41 SB
O. Krueger37NYG400 SB396 SB4 SB
H. Wagner33NYG400 SB390 SB10 SB
T. Jordan35BOS400 SB377 SB23 SB
Pitching Milestones
Milestone WinsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
D. White35SLN200 Wins187 Wins13 Wins
P. Flaherty38CLE200 Wins184 Wins16 Wins
H. Wiltse34CHN200 Wins181 Wins19 Wins
H. Felix35WAS150 Wins149 Wins1 Wins
B. Jacobson33BOS150 Wins149 Wins1 Wins
A. Coakley31SLA150 Wins145 Wins5 Wins
G. Mcquillan29SLN150 Wins134 Wins16 Wins
Milestone StrikeoutsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
J. St.vrain31NYA2500 K's2431 K's69 K's
M. Eason35CHN2000 K's1969 K's31 K's
A. Joss34NYG2000 K's1844 K's156 K's
J. Coombs31PIT1500 K's1483 K's17 K's
A. Puttmann33PIT1500 K's1452 K's48 K's
D. White35SLN1500 K's1413 K's87 K's
R. Marquard27PHI1500 K's1395 K's105 K's
T. Hughes30CIN1500 K's1358 K's142 K's
H. Felix35WAS1500 K's1346 K's154 K's
D. Redding23WAS1500 K's1336 K's164 K's
Milestone SavesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
Milestone GamesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing

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