Houston Salary Report
Thursday, 11/2/1998
Player Salaries:
NamePosSalaryThroughYears LeftNotesYears in Majors
M. PiazzaC $13,000,00019992 years left7 years
M. AlouRF$7,500,00019992 years left7 years
T. GlavineSP$5,500,00020003 years left12 years
M. WhitenLF$5,000,00020003 years left7 years
B. McdonaldSP$5,000,00019992 years left10 years
S. FinleyLF$4,000,00019992 years left9 years
T. ZeileC $4,000,00019992 years left8 years
R. Durham2B$3,078,57119981 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $2,490,000)4 years
C. CarpenterMR$3,000,00019992 years left9 years
J. BurkettSP$2,500,00019981 years leftFree agent after this season!11 years
T. NaehringSS$2,000,00019992 years left8 years
V. CastillaSS$2,000,00019981 years leftExtension signed.8 years
M. Benjamin3B$200,00019981 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $180,000)3 years
P. MunozLF$200,00019981 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $210,000), could become Free Agent with 44 more days of service this year.5 years
T. Glaus3B$150,00019981 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
R. IbanezLF$150,00019981 years leftPossible Arbitration, 172 more days of service needed this year.2 years
G. Bennett2B$150,00019981 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
D. Mientkiewicz1B$150,00019981 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
A. RamirezCF$150,00019981 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
C. Fielder1B$150,00019981 years leftFree agent after this season!11 years
A. OsunaMR$150,00019981 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $550,000)3 years
M. HoltzMR$150,00019981 years leftPossible Arbitration, 47 more days of service needed this year.2 years
T. MathewsMR$150,00019981 years leftPossible Arbitration, 22 more days of service needed this year.2 years
D. FlemingMR$150,00019981 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
J. BereSP$150,00019981 years leftPossible Arbitration, 160 more days of service needed this year.2 years
B. ColonSP$150,00019981 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
T. CrabtreeMR$150,00019981 years leftPossible Arbitration, 8 more days of service needed this year.2 years
J. Baughman2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. OquistSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. CanaleDHMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. Valentin2BMinor-League-Contract--5 years
A. SmallSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. BelcherLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. ButlerCFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. LittleLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. ReynosoMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. GaragozzoMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
L. PainterMRMinor-League-Contract--1 years
M. Alexander2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
W. MageeRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. ButcherMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. HigginsC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
R. PavlikSPMinor-League-Contract--2 years
J. AcevedoMRMinor-League-Contract--2 years
M. BarrettC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
S. JeterRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. Valdez1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. SturtzeSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. HudsonMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. BeanRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. RiveraMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. BeamonRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. EllisSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
P. MahomesMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. MutisMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. DressendorferSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. QuiricoSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. GonzalezSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. WinstonMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
S. FalteisekMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. Sanford3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
S. EyreSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. MillerSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. ChristensonCFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. WrightSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
Extensions signed:
V. CastillaSS$7,000,0002 

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