League Injury Report
Wednesday, 9/13/1915
American League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Tex PruiettNYAActiveOUT6 days0 daysRuptured Bicep Tendon
Jim St.vrainNYAActiveOUT1-2 weeks0 daysInflamed Tricep Muscle
Eppa RixeyNYAAAADay-to-Day (80%)one week0 daysStrained Back Muscle
Howard EhmkeNYAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Art LoudellNYAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Bill CrouchNYAAOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Disc Back
Homer SmootSLADLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Hip
Pete AlexanderSLADLOUTfull season0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Erv LangeSLADLOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Disc Back
Roy HittSLAAAAOUT4 weeks0 daysStrained Tricep Muscle
Joe SchultzDETActiveDay-to-Day (90%)6 days0 daysBlister On Finger
Lynn BrentonDETAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Tricep Muscle
John FlynnDETAAAOUT1 days0 daysPulled Thigh Muscle
Gus FisherDETDLOUTfull season29 daysTorn Posterior Cruciate Ligament
Walter LonerganDETAOUTfull season0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Wally RehgDETActiveOUTone week0 daysJammed Finger
Bill KenworthyBOSDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Terry TurnerCHADLOUTone week0 daysRuptured Tricep Tendon
Jack KadingCHAAAAOUTfull season0 daysBroken Foot
Harry LumleyPHADLOUT2 weeks0 daysPulled Achilles Tendon
Alex MalloyWASAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Frank WarfieldCLEAOUT4-5 weeks0 daysTorn Tricep Muscle
National League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
George DavisCINAAOUT6 days0 daysRuptured Tricep Tendon
Clint RoggeCINAADay-to-Day (85%)4 weeks0 daysPulled Bicep Muscle
Joe HarrisPITActiveDay-to-Day (90%)5 days0 daysStiff Shoulder
Snipe ConleyPITDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Paul MusserBSNActiveOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Edd RoushBSNActiveOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Chick BrandomPHIActiveOUT4 days0 daysTight Elbow
Bill RaridenPHIDLOUT3-4 weeks0 daysStrained Posterior Cruciate Ligament
Rube EllisPHIDLOUT5 weeks7 daysInflamed Posterior Cruciate Ligament
Hugh BedientBROActiveOUT2 weeks0 daysStrained Rotator Cuff Muscle
Nig ClarkeBROAAAOUTfull season0 daysBroken Hip
Al SchulzBROADay-to-Day (80%)4 days0 daysPulled Rotator Cuff Muscle
Jack HannifinBRODLOUTentire career0 daysTorn Abdominal Muscle
Hal SchwenkBROAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Calf Muscle
Johnny RawlingsBROAAOUT2-3 weeks0 daysStrained Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Glenn LiebhardtSLNActiveDay-to-Day (70%)2 days0 daysHerniated Disc Back
Ed KargerSLNDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Tricep Muscle
Dan AdamsSLNAAAOUT3-4 weeks0 daysRuptured Tricep Tendon
Bill KilleferSLNActiveOUTone week0 daysFractured Hip
Walter MoserCHNDLOUT6 days0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Ray BoydCHNActiveDay-to-Day (80%)1-2 weeks0 daysPulled Rotator Cuff Muscle
Elmer JacobsNYGAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Bert BrennerNYGAOUTone week0 daysStiff Elbow

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