Instructions for importing from the same database that the league has used since its inception.

It is really simple.
Save the contents of the zip file to a directory, I placed it at c:\twib-import Upon season flip, once it is done processing all of the end-of-season stuff, it will pop up a box that says "Import draft class" or something like that, and it will allow you to browse to the directory where the files are, this is why I placed mine at c:\, it was easier to browse to.

Select your directory, click OK.
Wait for it to import your class.

Special notes: Check your Outfielder fielding ratings in Centerfield. Some seasons import at the default percentage of .930, I always fixed these. Also check your pitchers. Some pitchers import without being a Starter, reliever, or closer. These pitchers will be listed first in your FA pool. These pitchers usually need some work to make them who they are. Baseball Reference should help you there.

If you run into any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email at